In order to our company policy, we work with famous companies to cater our clients’ necessities.Extrifit Co is the co-worker of Kmaxx and we offer you products of this company.In continue some information about this company will be scrutinized.

About Extrifit


The idea to found a company with its own development, production and distribution of sports nutrition arose in the year 2007. Its realization began a year later. The company was authentic since its very beginning. Extrifit is today original andstable brand on the European market

Extrifit is a leader

leader on the field of sports nutrition intended for bodybuilding and fitness in the Czech Republic and it is very successful and prospering company with ten times higher sales growth during the years 2010-2014 as well as in the Czech Republic as abroad. Extrifit´s authenticity lies in its own product development – it means its own receptures based on the latest supplements research, testing on its own team of top bodybuilders, production in its own facility and unique marketing.